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Dried fruit

We collect Agen variety plums on our own farms in the Ebro valley at their optimal peak of maturity. By using carefully controlled, filtered air tunnel drying followed by partial rehydration for consumption, we obtain a product with the highest organoleptic qualities, acknowledged prebiotic functionality, and high nutritional value.


Produced on our own farms
High organoleptic quality
Prebiotic function and high nutritional value
Maximum food safety certified by BRC
Long-lasting product


We make prunes with and without the stone. They are perfect for eating on their own, for making desserts, or as an accompaniment in other traditional dishes. It is a highly valued product in the Mediterranean diet, containing large amounts of antioxidants and fibre that provide multiple health benefits, such as improving intestinal transit and preventing osteoporosis.



Our facilities have cutting-edge technology and are certified under the most demanding quality assurance protocols (BRC).

Our production process

Proceso de producción Fruta deshidratada

Presentation formats

Fruta deshidratada - Caja de 5 kg

5 kg box

Prunes with or without stone, bagged inside a box.

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