Ever since our origins, we have cultivated, prepared, and marketed the very best our fields and farms have to offer a healthy, natural diet adapted to contemporary lifestyles.

Our range of products



of our products are of national origin.


of our employees have permanent contracts.

We are agricultural and livestock farmers. We are committed to the primary sector, we work the land, and we generate wealth in the rural areas where we carry out our activities. *Internal data based on the 2019 fiscal year.


Zero emissions

our overall CO2 emission balance is negative*.


of our products are zero kilometre.

We sustainably transform our raw materials into healthy and tasty products while guaranteeing food safety and sustainability. *Internal data based on the 2019 fiscal year.



of group facilities are in unpopulated areas*.


committed to you.

We are a group of people who work for people. We offer the best the land and our farms have to offer. We develop healthy foods designed to cover both your individual needs and those of different social groups, adapted for your convenience. *Internal data based on the 2019 fiscal year.


Canal industrial

We develop the ingredients our customers need.

Canal food service

Solutions for food service groups and professionals.

Canal retail

We pack a wide variety of formats under our own brand-names or those of our customers