Evaporated milk

By evaporating milk on its own, we obtain a low-fat product, ideal for use in creams and light sauces.


Lighter than cooking cream
Ideal for sauces and light creams
Healthy and nutritious
Low fat
Evaporated milk

Evaporated milk

Evaporated milk is obtained by evaporating 60% of water from milk. Its creaminess makes it an alternative product to single cream, and it is therefore perfect for creating light sauces and creams. In addition, we partially skim our evaporated milk to make it even more healthy and nutritious.

Our production process

Proceso de producción leche evaporada

Presentation formats

Lacteos - Tetrabrick

200 ml Tetrabrik

One box: 8 x 3 multipack (600 millilitres). One pallet is 136 boxes.


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