Condensed milk

We evaporate milk to achieve the desired texture before adding sugar to produce this traditional foodstuff, perfect for making desserts, smoothies, coffees, and other recipes.


Original condensed milk
Skimmed condensed milk (with less fat)
Energy food
Condensed milk

Condensed milk

  • Original: 8% fat, 20% fat-free milk extract and no gluten.
  • Skimmed: fat content reduced to a maximum of 0.4%, with a 23% fat-free milk extract

Can be used with fruit or for making smoothies, ice creams, coffees, and desserts: cakes, pastries, truffles, sponges, muffins, puddings, etc.

Our production process

Proceso de producción leche condensada

Presentation formats

Lacteos - Lata


  • 370 grams (12 cans per box, 176 boxes per pallet)
  • 740 grams (12 cans per box, 90 boxes per pallet)
  • 1000 grams (12 cans per box, 63 boxes per pallet)
  • 2500 grams (6 cans per box, 56 boxes per pallet)
Lacteos - Sirvefacil


  • 450 grams (12 bottles per box, 140 boxes per pallet)
  • 900 grams (6 bottles per box, 144 boxes per pallet)
  • 950 grams (6 bottles per box, 144 boxes per pallet)
Lacteos - Sobre


  • Box of 50 x 25 g sachets (336 boxes per pallet)
  • Box of 100 x 25 g sachets (216 boxes per pallet)


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