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Desarrollo sostenible - Origina Foods

We are part of the change

At Originia Foods, we are part of the change we aim to achieve in this planet, which is why we are so firmly committed to caring for the environment. Over the years, we have invested in technologies that have enabled us to reduce the environmental impact of our 5 plants. As of today, the Global CO2 Balance of the SAMCA Group is negative at -113,519 t. CO2.

Circular integration

Through the circular integration of our activities we have improved waste management by recovering them as sub-products in animal feeds, composting for agricultural fertilizer, and biofuels.

Esquema de economía circular
Objetivos de sostenibilidad - Origina Foods

Sustainability goals

Our medium and long-term objectives include reducing our environmental impact by measuring, monitoring and implementing measures in:

  1. Our wastewater treatment;
  2. Our atmospheric emissions and carbon footprint; Currently 79% of our raw material origins are Km0.
  3. Our consumption of energy, water and chemicals;
  4. Waste reduction: working towards the Zero Waste concept.

Sustainable development

The SAMCA Group includes companies whose business promotes sustainable development and who therefore make a direct contribution to reducing our footprint on the environment.

  • To improve and reduce the impact of our product packaging, we are aided in area of design and use by our plastic polymer plants specialised in biodegradable and recyclable packaging.
  • Our agrochemical plants collaborate in waste composting.
  • Our renewable wind and solar energy plants (photovoltaic and thermoelectric) help to obtain clean energy with which to run our business.
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