Frozen vegetables

Ready-meals and seasoned

Home-style vegetable mixes prepared with oil, salt, and spices. Deep frozen for year-round availability.


Free of preservatives or colourings
Traditional recipes
IQF deep-freeze technology
With all their organoleptic and nutritional properties intact
Variety of cuts and sizes

Rice 5 delights

Country braised

Pasta salad

Rice salad

Prawn salad

Red-yellow pepper

Red-green pepper

Tricolor pepper

Vegetable ratatouille

Scrambled eggs

Sautéed mushrooms

Spring stir fry

Traditional stir fry

Our production process

Proceso de producción verduras preparadas congeladas

Presentation formats

Verduras congeladas - Bolsa 300 gr

300 gr to 1 kg bag

Wide variety of retail sizes for own brand or private label.

Verduras congeladas - Bolsa grande de 2,5 kg

2.5 kg jumbo bag

Bag for food service industry with own brand, private label or neutral.

Verduras congeladas - Saco o caja de 10 a 20 kg

10 to 20 kg sack or box

  • 10 to 20 kg sack
  • 10 to 20 kg box with heat-sealed bag inside.

Supplied on European or industrial pallets.

Verduras congeladas - Octavín

Industrial bulk box up to 1,000 kg

Bulk box with bag inside, up to 1,000 kg
Supplied on European or industrial pallets.

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