Purees, juices & smoothies


We formulate and cold-produce, smoothies that combine fruits, vegetables, superfoods, and vitamins to make healthy, nutritious eating a true pleasure.


100% natural
Preserves the nutritional properties of fruit and vegetables
Suitable for people with lactose intolerance and gluten intolerance
Strengthens the immune system


Cold-produced smoothies with all the vitamins in the fruit and vegetables to maintain a healthy lifestyle with all the goodness nature offers.


  • Fruits: stone, pip, citrus, red, and tropical fruits.
  • Vegetables: Mediterranean.
  • Fruit and vegetable mixes.
  • Superfoods.

Our production process

es Purés, zumos y smoothies - Smoothies HPP

Presentation formats

Purés, zumos, y smoothies - Cisterna granel

Bulk tanker

Fresh bulk product transported in 25-ton isothermal tankers.

Purés, zumos, y smoothies - Bidón 220 kg

220 kg drum

Metal drums with the product packed in a 220 kg aseptic bag. 4 drums per pallet.

Purés, zumos, y smoothies - Bolsa 3 kg

3 kg to 20 kg bag

Aseptically packaged. Cold preservation. Packed in cardboard boxes on European or American pallets.

Purees, juices & smoothies - Bottle

100ml to 1.5l PET bottles

Pascalized in HPP. Presented in cardboard boxes on a European or American pallet.

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