Serrano ham & cured meats

Dry-cured sausages

Ever since our drying facilities went into service in 1950, we have been using our own traditional recipes to produce the typical dry-cured sausages of this region of the Aragonese Pyrenees.


Traditional Specialty Guaranteed
Since 1950
Traditional recipe
White and Duroc breeds
Allergen free

Pepper-cured pork cabecero sausage

Pepper-cured pork cabecero sausage is probably one of our specialties that is most highly valued by our customers. It comes from the neck of the pig and is impregnated in pepper and stuffed in a mesh. The Pyrenean climate and air dry our pork cabecero sausage to make it the star of any table. Its marbled slices is undoubtedly one of our most exquisite flavours.

  • Whole piece
  • Half piece
Cabecero curado a la pimienta

Paprika-cured pork cabecero sausage

Our paprika-cured pork cabecero sausage is similar to the pepper-cured cabecero sausage but in this case, it is impregnated with paprika instead of pepper. Its appearance is similar to that of dry-cured pork loin, but the difference lies in the infiltration of fat from the cut. It is tastier on the palate but with a more contrasting texture between fat and meat.

  • Whole piece
  • Half piece.



Dry-cured pork loin

Our pork loin sausage is made with one of the highest quality pork cuts that runs next to the spine located under the ribs. This lean meat is stuffed into the casing and left to dry until it reaches its optimum degree of curing. It is a very pleasant cut with hardly any fat, which not only makes it tasty but also a very healthy product.

  • Whole piece
  • Half piece

Salchichon payés - Country sausage

‘Salchichon payes’ has a long tradition in Spain and is known to have originated much earlier than other types of sausage. We preserve our traditional home-made recipe based on meat, pork belly, special pepper, and spices. The drying process generates the characteristic flora that affords its rustic appearance. That, together with its intense flavour, makes it one of the most popular sausages in our range.



Fuet sausage

We have produced this sausage, which originally came from Catalonia, throughout our history using the traditional recipe. The fermentation that takes place during drying produces its characteristic flora. To truly enjoy a Fuet, we recommend eating it well cured and slicing it at an angle.


Chorizo Extra

Our Sarta chorizo is made with lean Duroc pork, pork belly, shoulder, paprika and spices. It is tied up with twine and left to dry till it reaches the desired state of curing. Its tasty and intense flavour is available in two varieties:

  • Sweet paprika chorizo
  • Hot paprika chorizo
Longaniza de Aragón

Longaniza de Aragón sausage

The Longaniza is one of the most popular sausages in the region of Aragon. The spices in the traditional recipe based on lean meat and pork belly vary from area to area, but normally include salt, pepper, oregano, cloves, nutmeg and others. It is presented in its traditional horseshoe shape tied with twine.


Secallona sausage

Secallona is a typical Pyrenean sausage. It varies slightly between areas and is basically made with lean pork meat and pork belly combined with different mixes of spices. Once stuffed, we let it cure slowly in our drying sheds. During drying, each one is pressed individually by hand to give it its irregular appearance. The cold and dry climate of the Pyrenees does the rest.

Our production process

Presentation formats


By pieces, as always.

  • Half piece
  • Whole piece
Jamón y curados - Vacío


Vacuum packed to keep the properties of the sausage in perfect condition until it is consumed.

Jamón y curados - Flowpack


Plastic container that allows air to enter our products with flora.

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